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TC Setati Incorporated specialises in quantity surveying (QS services). The firm is owned 100% by PDIs and endeavours to employ technically qualified women whenever possible. We have trained more than 20 students from universities among whom half were women studying surveying in the past 15 years.

The company was established in 1994 on the realisation of a service much needed by the previously marginalised communities. A service from a firm that originates from and understands the needs of such communities. Our mission is to deliver a professional and efficient service to our clients. This is made possible by the staff complement available which has many years of experience in a variety of projects.

Project Management Services

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Our QS services involve the following:

We determine initial budget as viability prior to detailed design, as well as preliminary cost studies, which involves comparing alternative materials and design in terms of capital, operating, maintenance and depreciation costs.

We monitor and evaluate design as it evolves to ensure compatibility with the client’s budget and we advise on contractual arrangements and the preparation of tender documents for pricing by contractors

We investigate, check and report on the suitability of tenders submitted as well as amending as necessary and negotiating tender sums. We also do cash flow predictions and cost reports and valuation for work done during construction. Finally, we determine final costs and the settlement of final building costs with the contractor and subcontractor.

Why Choose Us?


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We offer specialized quantity surveying services which include:

  • Viability studies
  • Cost planning
  • Housing and development studies
  • Annotated bills of quantities
  • Elemental and activity orientated bills of quantities
  • Lists of materials and labour costs
  • Valuation of buildings etc
  • Acting as primary agents
  • Non-standard building contracts
  • Project management

  • Topographical Surveys
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Sectional Title Surveys
  • Cadastral Surveys

We pride ourselves on providing professional and effective solutions to our clients and in an effort to remain a prominent and reputable firm, we constantly re-evaluate the dynamics within our company to ensure we provide optimal services.